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Stocks and options traders have unique needs. Whether you are looking to generate income, leverage your capital, or protect your assets, we understand that. Trader Oasis empowers retail traders with professional-grade software, proprietary data and analytics, and rapid trade execution. These technical features, coupled with mentoring and education, give retail traders the tools and knowledge needed to identify real-time opportunities; manage risk; and adjust to changing shifting markets.

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Eric Hale

Founder / CEO

Eric Hale is a passionate problem-solver; a simplifier of complexity; a skilled communicator; and a gregarious extrovert. Eric Hale managed a personal multimillion-dollar portfolio and is passionate about helping others become more successful.

For two decades, Eric has been a public speaker and writer on the markets. He provides frequent analyses to a community of thousands of followers. He has been quoted several times in financial media including the Wall Street Journal.

Eric is a member of NABE, AEA, Mises Institute, and the Global Interdependence Center. He participates in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Annual Economic Outlook Symposium, where he has been recognized for accuracy in forecasting multiple three years in a row.

Prior to his current role, Eric had a successful career in the heavy industrial market. He has developed a reputation for optimizing sales organizations to grow revenue and maximize market share.

Eric resides in Naperville, IL, with his wife, Diane. He has three gainfully employed adult children. Eric volunteers his time for several animal rescue organizations and is a Lasagna Love chef. He and Diane enjoy the outdoors and spending time with their rescue dogs – Molly & Winnie.


  • BS in Nuclear Engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell


  • Harnessing implied volatility
  • Bull Put
  • Collar Trades
  • Iron Condor (Pre-earnings)
  • OTM Double Diagonal

Greg Jensen

Executive Director

Greg Jensen is the founder and CEO of OptionsANIMAL, as well as an options investor, speaker, and author. His book, “Spread Trading – An Introduction to Trading Options in Nine Simple Steps,” focuses on giving investors the tools and knowledge to put the odds of success in their favor.

Greg has trained thousands of people from all corners of the world to be successful in any market condition. His innovative and cutting-edge education can help both beginner and advanced traders improve their results. Helping his students turn their financial positions around and create financial freedom has been one of Jensen’s most rewarding experiences in life.

Greg is a registered investment advisor and actively manages private investment accounts. He earned his degree in business management, with an emphasis in finance, from Utah State University. He’s written for a long list of investment publications, including Forbes Inc., tradeMONSTER®, optionMONSTER®, OptionsXpress, Active Trader Magazine, Reuters, Wiley Trading, and other like publications. Greg currently resides in Saratoga Springs, Utah with his
wife and three children.



  • BS in Business Management from Utah State University


  • Collar Trades
  • Covered Calls
  • Calendar Trades
  • Selling Verticals
  • Double Diagonals